Frequently Asked Questions of Sellers

Maybe you are a seller who is new to Or else, maybe you are already selling your products through this site. However it is, you might have several doubts that you need to clear out. Take it easy, because this read is going to give answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions of the sellers. Continue reading, and enlighten yourself!

1. Why is it Beneficial for a Seller to Make Sales Through

 The benefits a seller could enjoy by making sales through this platform are immense. In brief, the seller would be able to enhance its customer base, as this site creates opportunities for customers from anywhere in the world to shop freely at any time. Besides, the marketing and the delivery services affiliated with is to offer you a wide range of benefits in reaching your potential customers. Apart from all that, being on this platform will surely magnify the value of your business, while offering you the convenience of involving in your business operations successfully, and expanding your business to a new level.

 2. What Can I Sell through this Platform?

 You have the freedom to sell generic products including but not limited to electronic equipment, health and beauty products, fashion accessories, sports equipment, etc. through Still, you are strictly prohibited to sell counterfeit and illegal products.

 3. How Can I Become a Seller on

Becoming a seller on is never a hard task. All you have to do is to register on this platform as a seller, by providing your information, as well as bank account details. Then, you will get the chance to list your products online.

4. Do I Need to Have a Registered Company to Sell on

Not at all! As long as you can provide your business information, and bank account details, you can register with as a seller.

5. Can I Change My Information After Registering on the Platform?

 Yes, you can! However, you are strictly prohibited to submit inaccurate or misleading information, and kindly note that we are not responsible for any damages caused by inaccurate information provided by the sellers.

 6. How Can I Earn Money by Selling through

As mentioned above, registering on this platform creates the opportunity to sell your products online across Sri Lanka. As your products are sold through the site, would collect the payments from the customers, and clear the sellers’ payment by abiding by the agreed terms and conditions.

7. How Should I Choose My Listing Prices?

Choosing the listing prices solely depends upon your interests and concerns. Still, the prices of similar products in the market, and the recently-sold prices of such products will certainly help you choose your listing prices.

8 When Will I Get Paid When Selling through

Payments to the seller will be made twice a month to the bank account, provided that payment for any product will commence no later than 15 days after the product has been successfully delivered to the customer. Payment statements would be available on the Seller Center with all relevant information, and the sellers have the ability to get payment information from it.

9. Does Protect its Sellers?

Of course, yes! We do our best to protect the rights of the sellers and to create a fair marketplace for all. Check the policies for more information, and do contact us, for any of your concerns.

10. What Happens If I Have Lost my Username and Password?

It is the responsibility of the sellers to protect their login credentials for their seller accounts since we consider each action and correspondence from a seller’s account as an act done by them. However, if you have lost your username and password, or suspect that an unauthorized party has accessed your account, contact us at your earliest convenience, and we will try our best to resolve your issue.

Have any more doubts? Feel free to contact us! We are pleased to assist you at our best to create a pleasant selling experience on