Frequently Asked Questions of Buyers

Some of you may be hesitant when it comes to online shopping as you bear numerous doubts in your mind. Yet, you have nothing to worry about, because we are here to help you clear out all your doubts. You can find such a few frequently asked questions as follows along with their answers!

Is Shipping Available Island Wide through

Yes, we will be accepting all the orders coming from any location within the Island. Yet, there are some postal addresses that are not available with our shipping services. However, we will be informing you the same as soon as we receive your order on our platform.

What Does Sell?

This is a platform where you can find everything in one place. We usually sell almost all generic items but are not limited only to them. A few of such items we sell are electronics, accessories, health and beauty products, sports equipment, household equipment, etc. We have no space for low-quality products, and thus we guarantee you high-quality, properly-made products. Hence, our platform happens to be one of the best platforms you can find on the island to shop online for very reasonable price ranges.

What are the Unique Brands you Have?

Our platform offers you the chance to shop products of different brands. We just do not offer branded stuff but authentic as well. Unfortunately, these days it is quite common to see some online stores that offer fake stuff as branded items. Unlike them, we do not promote fake items, but branded and authentic ones that are from trustworthy suppliers. The most important thing is that you can have a tour of our website and check the products along with their brands. Also, you can contact one from our customer care team and get further details on what you want if you have any doubts about the details of the products.

Do you have Cash on Delivery?

Yes, we have cash on delivery. You can make your order by logging into our website and then it will direct you to the space called payment method. You just have to take the option named ‘cash on delivery’ and it will show you the full payment you have to do upon receiving the product. We will be attaching a payslip to your package and you have to pay the price to the courier. He will issue you a copy of his document and keep it safe as proof.

Can I Make Card Payments?

Yes, of course. We accept card payments, both visa and master cards on our website. Hence, you just have to follow the process step by step when placing the order. When you reach the last stage where you have to select the payment, you have to choose the method called ‘Card Payment’ and enter your card details correctly.

Do I Need to Have an Account to Place an Order?

Yes, you need to have an account. Having an account gives you the best experience in shopping with us and also we accept orders coming through the accounts of the owners. It is not a hard process to follow. You just have to visit our website and follow the steps given under the ‘Sign up’ option. You have to enter all the required details to complete the process and that will just take a few minutes. The best experience you get from having an account is, you can explore more into our products and varieties to end up choosing the best for you. So, create an account to have the best of the best with shopping!

Can I Change My Personal Details After Creating My Account?

Yes, you can change all your personal details easily when you want to. You have to visit our website and log in giving your details. Then you have to go to the section called ‘Personal Information’ under the settings of your profile. There you can edit all your details including contact details as well. But make sure that the details are true and reliable. Do not misinterpret as someone else through your account since it makes it uncomfortable for both parties, and illegal. For further details, you can also check our privacy policy.

How Do I Place an Order?

You just have to go through a simple process. Visit our online platform, scroll through the products until you find the product you are willing to buy. Then add it/them to the cart by simply clicking the symbol of the cart. Afterward, log into the account to go through the ordering process where you have to include your payment method and the delivery address. Once you are done with placing the order, you will receive an email including a summary of your order and it will be saved in your account on our website as well.

Do I Get a Confirmation of My Order?

Of course, you will be getting a confirmation message or a call to your mobile number. Also, all the details of the order will be directed to your mail and saved in your account as well. For that, we humbly request you to insert all the true information when you are making the account.

How Do I Track My Order?

To track your order please enter your Order ID and press the button called ‘Track’. It will then direct you to a space where you can track all the proceedings of your order. You can find the Order ID either on your receipt or in the confirmation email you should have received. You can track the process from placing the order until you receive it by following the below steps.

Find below the process;

Visit the Website > Select the option, ‘Track My order’ > Enter Order ID & Billing ID > Select the option ‘Track’

How Long Will it Take to Get My Package?

We will be delivering your package at our earliest convenience. However, the time duration will always depend on the time of order, billing address, prevailing conditions of the country, etc.

The duration that takes for a delivery within Colombo 1-15 will be 1 day, most probably on the same day. (Please note that delivery cut-off time will be 4 pm). However, we are sorry to say that we will not be accepting deliveries to some selected postal addresses. If the delivery option to the address you have mentioned is not available, you will get a notification saying the same immediately after you place the order.

To get on with your order, we kindly request our customers to use tracking options.

How Do I Have to Confirm Receipt at the Point of Deliver?

Once you receive your order at your doorstep, the delivery person will give you a receipt where you have to provide your signature. You have to put on your signature there and confirm the receipt and keep safe the copy of the receipt you will be receiving. That is as an in-case proof document. Keep this in mind, if the delivery person forgets about the receipt, make sure to remind him and get it done.

What Happens if I Don’t Receive my Orders On Time?

This is not something that usually happens with us. But in case, there are three steps you can follow in order to get rid of this happening.

  • Checking on the order confirmation

As we mentioned above, you will be receiving a confirmation mail and a receipt will be saved in your account including the summary of your order. As the first step be alert on that when you place an order

  • Follow the tracking option

As mentioned earlier, you always get the option to track your order, once you are done with placing the order, please use the tracking option. That will give a full update on the proceeding of your order. If you meet with a doubt halfway, you can let us know and get our help.

  • Contact the customer care team

After doing all two steps above, if still, you do not receive your package on time, contact our customer care team through the contact information mentioned on our ‘Contact Us’ section. We will look into the problem and make sure you receive your order.

What are the Delivery Charges?

Delivery charges always depend on the nature of the order. It differs from package to package due to some reasons. So we cannot say exactly what the delivery charge is, but we can ensure that it is always a fair amount.

However, the amount of the delivery charges will be visible on the final checkout page along with the total amount. The factors that affect the variances in the delivery charges are as follows;

  • Number of items in the order

If the package contains one or more than one item, the delivery charge depends accordingly. Perhaps, it tends to change according to the material the item/items is/are made of.

  • Weight of the item

This is something common when it comes to postal packages as well. Always they add an extra amount to the cost. It is the same here. It is a cost adding that happens with the delivery agency we are working with. There is a slight difference that comes in the way of the weight.

  • Delivery location

The main change that happens with the delivery charges is a result of the delivery location you enter. If the location is around Colombo, the charge is usually low. But out of Colombo, considering the distance, it depends.

How Can I Change the Delivery Address?

Unfortunately, once you confirm the order details and the address cannot be changed. It is due to some system formalities that happen within the process. Hence, always make sure you are including the correct details and double-check when you are done with entering the details.

If in any case, you want to change the address, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will try our best to fulfill your request. But remember, this is not a guarantee! The later you get to reach us, the harder it becomes to change the order details. However, once your order is dispatched it is not possible to change any of the details.

What are the Reasons for Delays in Delivery?

There are several reasonable and unavoidable reasons for delays in delivery. Such reasons are as follows;

  1. Seller sourcing issues: Usually sellers could take a considerable time to complete your order. Perhaps, it takes a longer time than expected due to some formalities.
  2. Courier service delay: This is something often since the delivery is involved with some third party. We will be trying our best to dispatch the order on time from our side and once it is with the courier team, perhaps it will take longer than expected time.
    1. Customer unavailability: Perhaps, our delivery men find it difficult to reach the customer on point of the delivery. Then they will either bring back the package to their place or return it to us. Hence, make sure that you keep tracking and be attentive to the order.
  • Wrong contact details: Late deliveries usually happen with the carelessness of the customer. Sometimes we find that the customer has entered an incorrect address or a wrong phone number on the point of the delivery. It automatically leads to late delivery. Please be attentive when placing the order, since it will lead to dire consequences later.
  • Weather conditions: This is a natural cause that makes late deliveries. Perhaps, the destined city is under serious weather conditions like heavy rainfall, smog, landslide, flood, etc. In such situations, it is impossible to carry on with the delivery even though the order is dispatched. At times as such you have to be patient and understand the situation why the delivery is a hold-up.
  • Law and order conditions: In some time periods, due to several reasons, the country takes steps considering the security or the well-being of its inhabitants. On such occasions, we have to abide by the rules they impose. Basically, the rules come along with religious procession, lockdowns, strike issues where the traveling is restricted, or routes get blocked. Such instances lead to a delay and you will receive the package later than the promised time.

Can I Cancel an Order?

Canceling orders tends to be hard once the order is processed and shipped. It also works like the way it happens with changing the delivery address. Unfortunately, it can only be changed prior to your order confirmation. Once it is entered into our systems, it is quite hard to cancel the order. However, you can return it once you get the package. Or else, contact us as soon as possible after making the order for assistance, if you want to cancel it.

Can I Return an Order?

Of course, you can return your order, but returns are not acceptable for all categories of products. Upon a return, we would be checking the quality of the products, and the validity of the reasons mentioned by you for the return. If we consider them true and accurate, your return process would be completed. You can refer to the Returns and Refund Policy for more information.

Can I Refund an Order?

You can refund and order owing to various reasons. If a product was returned owing to a valid reason, and if you are eligible for a refund, you will get the chance to select the refund mode you prefer. The time period for the refund may vary depending on the refund option you select, and check the Returns and Refund Policy for more information.

How To Contact If I Have Any Problems?

You can contact us at any time of the day and simply refer to the Contact Us section for more information. We are available 24/7, and our team members are more than pleased to lend you a helping hand to resolve your issues!

What If I believe that Someone has Logged in to My Account and Placed an Order?

We have taken every possible measure from our end to secure the website. Thus, no third party can access data as the information you enter is encrypted. So we kindly inform you not to share your Sign-In credentials with anyone, even with the closest persons. However, if you feel like some third party has access to your account, immediately contact our customer care team and inform them. We will help you to resolve the issue and recover your account.

What Happens if the Product was Not Delivered?

The delivery of the product usually depends on the details you enter when you are placing the order. Please be careful and attentive when you add those details and make sure you check the confirmation or else the receipt immediately after you are done with the order placement. If the product is not delivered due to any extrinsic circumstances, the parcel would be returned to our store. So if you do not receive your package within the usual time period, contact us to check on that and if it is returned to us, we will arrange redelivery for you. However, please be informed that you may have to get the responsibility of the additional cost on any redelivery.

We hope that these are the questions that meddle on your mind frequently and now you have got the answers for them. So don’t hesitate and shop with us, you will never regret it. We provide you with the best online shopping experience!