Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy briefs the use of cookies and other related technologies that store your data when interacting with and its related platforms. Please make sure that you read and understand them, before using and interacting with this site.

1. Introduction

From here onwards, it is, all its sub-domains, including any other media form, media channel, mobile website, or mobile application related or connected, and the owner entity, that is referred to as the ‘site’, ‘platform’, ‘us’, or ‘we’. Further, an individual who accesses this site personally or representing an entity is collectively referred to as ‘users’, ‘you’, or ‘they’.

It is important to note that we may use cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels, and other similar technologies when you access and interact with our platform, to help customize the site, and to cater to you with a safer, faster, and improved experience. This Policy specifies how we use these technologies, and we believe that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, and agree to abide by them, as you access, interact and use our site. Hence, please make sure that you refrain from using this site if you do not agree with anything mentioned in this policy.

Also, the owner-entity has the right to modify this policy statement, without any prior notice. The modified clauses would be effective from the moment that they are updated on the site, and thus, it is the responsibility of the users to periodically review the Cookie Policy and to stay updated. Therefore, it is important to note that we consider your continued use of the site, following the date of modification as a sign of your acceptance of the modified Cookie Policy.

2. Cookies, Web Beacons, and Similar Technologies that We Use

Similar to any other site, we may also use cookies, beacons, and other related technologies to place small data files on your devices to record certain information when you access and interact with our platform. They may collect information related to your interests such as the pages you view, the links you click, the actions you perform, and the interactions with our advertising and email content. The specific names and the types of the cookies, web beacons, unique identifiers, and similar technologies used related to our platform may change from time to time. However, the following terminology may help you understand this policy better.

  • Cookies: Cookies can be introduced as a kind of small file that is made out of letters and numbers. They will be automatically saved to the memory of your browser or the device, at an instance that you access a website, or view a message. Accordingly, cookies make it possible for a website to identify a specific device or a browser. However, there are several types of cookies that are generally used, and some of them are as follows.
    • Session Cookies: This type is limited for a session, and thus, can be known as temporary cookies. They allow the platform that you are accessing to link your actions within a browser session. They expire when you close your browser.
    • Persistent Cookies: They are stored on your device in between browser sessions. They help the platform to identify your interests in a better way by remembering your preferences or the actions that you perform across different websites.
    • First-party Cookies: These cookies are set by the site you are visiting.
    • Third-party Cookies: A Third-Party site that is separate from the site you are visiting would set these third-party cookies.

However, you have the ability to disable or remove cookies, with the use of the tools that are available in your commercial browsers. Still, it is important to note that the functionality of the browsers may differ from one to another. Therefore, you will have to set your preferences for each browser separately.

  • Web Beacons: These can be introduced as small graphic images, and they are also known as ‘pixel tags’ or ‘clear GIFs’. They may include our sites, services, applications, messaging, and tools, and they too will work together with cookies in order to identify users or user behaviors.
  • Similar Technologies: These technologies also store information in your browser or device, with the use of the local shared objects, or local storage, such as flash cookies, HTML cookies, and other web application software methods. They have the ability to operate across all your browsers, and during some occasions, your browser may not fully manage them. In such instances, they may need to be managed directly through your installed applications or device. However, we are not using these technologies to store information or with the purpose of target advertising.

From here onwards, the term ‘cookies’ will collectively refer to cookies, beacons, and other similar technologies that we use to store data in your browser, or device, or any related technology that helps us collect information to identify you within the context mentioned above.

3. Your Choice on Cookies

Some of the site features, services, applications, and tools will be available to you only through the use of cookies, and similar technologies. However, you have the ability to block, delete, or disable any of these technologies depending on the nature of your browsers, installed applications, or devices. You can check the ability to do so by checking your browser or device settings. Besides, you will have to re-enter your password more frequently during your browsing sessions.

4. Uses of Cookies and Similar Technologies

Generally, cookies and similar technologies that we use will allow us to store certain information in your browser, or device to be read later to identify you to our server or internal systems. However, they are designed in a way that we or our authorized parties can interrupt them using a unique identifier so that we can interrupt them when needed. However, it is a must note that we do not use cookies or any other similar technology to store any of your personal information.

Further, the below points will explain to you more about our use of cookies and similar technologies.

  • We use cookies and similar technologies that are operationally necessary. In fact, they would be used to support you to access our sites, services, applications, and tools, to identify irregular site behavior, prevent fraudulent activity and improve security, or to make use of our functions such as shopping-carts, saved search, or similar functions.
  • Cookies and similar technologies that are performance-related will be used in our platforms. In fact, they will assist in analyzing the website visits and views, message interactions, impressions, and uses of our content, applications, tools, and related services.
  • We use cookies and similar technologies that are functionality-related. They may assist us with identifying you when you sign in to our sites or keeping track of your specified preferences, interests, or past items viewed so that we may enhance the presentation of content on our sites.
  • Cookies and similar technologies that are advertising or target-related will be used on our platforms. They will support us to analyze the usefulness of the advertisements and content that have been delivered to you. However, you have the ability to opt out of the use of cookies and similar technologies related to third-party advertising with the use of certain websites, and by disabling your browser or device permits.

Besides, the information we collect from you is disclosed transparently to you through this policy, and thus, you are assumed to provide your consent with regard, since this also invites you to disable cookies and similar technologies if you wish to do so.

5. Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies by Authorized Third-Party Service Providers

 We are working with several third parties and they are authorized to place third-party cookies and use other similar technologies for storing information on our platforms with our permission. These third parties also assist in providing you a better, faster, and safer experience, and they deliver content and advertising and compile anonymous site metrics and analytics. However, we do maintain confidentiality agreements with them, and the way they collect and use your personal information is strictly regulated accordingly.

The third parties that use cookies and similar technologies based on our platform include but are not limited to the following.

  • Facebook provides advertising and marketing through its platforms (Audience Network, Website Custom Audiences), and other social networking plug-ins, or marketing tools.
  • Google provides advertising and marketing through its platforms (DoubleClick for Publishers, Google DoubleClick AdX Service, Adwords).

Such third parties may abide by their privacy policies when collecting personal information. Thus, we kindly request you to go through their privacy policies for a better overview of the regard. You can find the links to their privacy policies below.

Facebook Data Policy

Google Privacy Policy

Also, we may use advertising networks and exchanges to serve you with advertisements. These third parties may use cookies or similar technologies to collect information, including, but not limited to your device identifier, IP address, or identifier for advertising (IDFA). However, it is important to note that cookies and similar technologies from such third parties are covered by third parties privacy policies.

Apart from the use of cookies and similar technologies of the authorized third parties, any other parties are not permitted to provide content (item listings, member-to-member communications, classified listings, comments, reviews, etc.) or use cookies or similar technologies to collect your personal information for their use, or for tracking purposes. However, if you believe that your privacy is harmed by any of the third parties, feel free to contact us, along with evidence, and we would look into your matter at our earliest convenience.

6. Conclusion

We expect that you have read and understood this Cookies Policy. We imply that you have agreed to this policy as you access and interact with this platform, and thus, we kindly request you to discontinue using this platform if you are unable to abide by any of the mentioned clauses.